10 Reasons Why business owners Switched to the Ionic Framework
Apr 10

10 Reasons Why business owners Switched to the Ionic Framework

Ionic is a framework that is free and open source with many reasons behind the selection of Ionic framework is that this framework is angularJs based structure that enables a developer to utilize the combination of few programming languages like HTML, CSS or javascript. With the use of these languages developers are able to develop the hybrid applications to create the innovative applications to outline the desirable user experience in the best way and developers also able to create easy understandable feature for their targeted audiences.

The cross platform ionic framework is a framework that is used to develop the cross platform apps for IOS, Android and windows. The developers prefer ionic framework these days because ionic framework is supported by javascript which facilitate many developers to inherit the functionalities of javascript and they can also reuse the codes written in javascript. The Ionic framework takes just few minutes for developers to code faster.

The developing app can be preview in ionic framework starter template inside the browser. The developers also prefer Ionic framework these days because its UI looks great and supports different styling components for giving application an attractive look and give the feeling of native application.

To compile the codes written in ionic frameworks are easy to compile and are handy command line interface. Whenever developers wants to create a new project, they just compile it natively and inherit the features of prewritten codes.

Ionic is built on angularjs framework basically. Ionic extends Angular with a bunch of stuff to make building mobile apps with Angular super easy. AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in use today and is backed by Google. Number of developer are using it because it is a large framework that enable developers to use it safely and pretty easy.

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