5 Powerful Node Js Frameworks for Web Application Development
May 14

5 Powerful Node Js Frameworks for Web Application Development

Node Js is powerful tool for web application development solutions with the powered web and mobile applications with the same end to end scalable web application with javascript. The nodeJs ecosystem comprises of various frameworks for example MVC framework, FULL stack, REST API and generation that help in fast processing of overall speed of the solution.

The frameworks which make web application development easy and convenient and also expedite the development process.

  • Express JS : express Js is considered one of the essential web framework for NodeJs designed for building custom, enterprise- level modern real-time applications. This framework offers the robust set of features with rich and robust set of features for building web and mobile applications. The data integration with database server is also very easy in express JS and quickly connects to the database servers MySQL, Oracle, SQL and MongoDB server.
  • Js : Mean.Js is a combination of different technologies with the database servers to design the backend solutions and provides dynamic configuration security.
  • Js : It is an open source web application development framework of NodeJS to build the modern web applications. It uses only single API set and supports all the javascript components.
  • Js : It is also an open source NodeJS server CMS and web application development framework for developing database driven websites, applications and APIs.
  • Js : Koa.JS is an expressive next generation web framework for NodeJs development that increases the productivity of web applications.

                           All the frameworks of NodeJs are rapidly increasing with several performance improvement phenomenon. The frameworks of NodeJs have become a revolutionary technology. There are many more frameworks and many bunch of frameworks are still counted in the queue but they significantly extend the functionality of NodeJS.


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