Amazon Web Services – SOAP or REST
May 15

Amazon Web Services – SOAP or REST

SOAP is the simple object access protocol and REST is representational state transfer are the two web services for the API integration where SOAP is a standard based web service access protocol and generally it is easy to use. For deciding which protocol should be used is the important concern for the developers to use the protocols for long term web solutions. The selection criterion for selecting the best protocol is to decide the functionalities and needs of the developing solution. The SOAP API is relatively fast and enjoys all the benefits of long term use.


SOAP relies exclusively on XML to provide messaging services. Microsoft originally developed SOAP to take the place of order although REST is also an intuitive protocol, which satisfies the document standard protocol which is defined in such a way that it can use HTML standards.

SOAP service is defined in such a way that then users can leverage XML without the concern of the underlying communication.


REST API is designed to integrate with standard web protocols so that REST services can be called with standard web verbs and URLs. It is used to call the return value and used to design the fast web application with the integrity of web APIs and databases.


Benefits of SOAP over REST :


To choose between SOAP and REST is sometimes a matter of preference what developers need to use in their solution and choose the protocols accordingly

As REST API has no official standard at all because it is an architectural style on the other hand SOAP has an official standard because it is a protocol.


REST is basically an architectural style of web services that work as a channel of communication between different computers or systems on the internet. The REST API complaint web services are application programming interfaces.


By these protocols and operations and redeploying the manageable and updatable components without causing the effect on system and deploy the solution according to the requirements and protocol needs and choosing between these protocols. These both types of protocols are efficient in designing and developing the efficient solutions.




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