Angular 2.0 : The future of Enterprise Application Development
Mar 30

Angular 2.0 : The future of Enterprise Application Development

Angular 2.0 is not just a upgraded version but it is total rewrite of 1.x to enhance the features and functionality of the older version. The extended version of angular 1.x that have the prerequisite features of basic understanding of HTML, CSS, javascript is required and to achieve the maximum speed on setting up the angular 2 environment is more in angular 2.0. Though the prior knowledge of angular JS version 1.x where each component must have the template, class and metadata.
Since the Angular JS has released, it has dominated the world in field of open source javascript frameworks. Angular JS 2.0 supports the modern and faster browsers demanded by developers in current era. Angular JS new version also supports the angular JS app development process and mobile app development as older version face many performance related issues in developing mobile applications. So the new version of angular JS has resolved the issues for the developers to program for mobile applications as well as for web applications and websites development.
The web world is changing noticeably, and there is no doubt that it keep changing in near future as well and the new to upgrade the angular 1.x version as it does not support the new customized components like custom elements, HTML imports, shadow DOM etc which allow developers to create fully encapsulated custom elements. Developers anticipate with all hopes that AngularJS version 2.0 must fully support all web components.
The easy applicability of angular js 2.0 version enables technical developers to deeply understand the functionality and features like custom directives and controllers are the cores of angular js. AngularJS differentiates Angular from its competitor’s frameworks as it keeps away coders from writing a lot of tedious code for application. The current version of AngularJS 1.x has issues like implementation of minification and features common to cutting-edge service side NET or Java frameworks. Developers are looking forward to getting these issues resolved in version 2.0.
Angular JS 2.0 supports the wide range of user requirements and needs with new and exclusive features like 3D rendering, colour gradients, animations, navigational models, push state child router etc. I has managed to overcome all the limitations and short comings that was impossible in angular JS 1.x.


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