Benefits of Mobile App with AngularJS and Ionic
Apr 06

Benefits of Mobile App with AngularJS and Ionic

Chatting, music, dating, matrimony, real estate, gaming, healthcare, insurance, banking facilities, e-mail and so forth are the basic needs of today’s world. We all are dependent on the tech world for our daily needs.

Developers are now more particular for client’s requirements to deliver them the customized client’s experience that comes through the enhancements in local applications and upgrading the existing applications. The enhancement of functionality is possible by ionic frameworks that guarantee the user as well as developers for speed enhancements and better functionalities which work with html5, css3 and javascript. Furthermore developers can distribute their applications over play store and apple store.

The Ionic framework is angularJs based structure that enables a developer to utilize the combination of few programming languages like HTML, CSS or javascript. With the use of these languages developers are able to develop the hybrid applications to create the innovative applications to outline the desirable user experience in the best way and developers also able to create easy understandable feature for their targeted audiences.

Ionic framework is a platform independent framework that is specifically designed for advance CSS. It is proportional to the native look and gives the user feel to use it on all the platforms. It gives the developer to optimize the code according the mobile as it gives the predefined HTML, CSS, Javascript code components. Apart from this it gives the incorporation into angularJs.

Building an application without a moment’s delay is essential to compare the new applications with older ones and ionic enable the developers to develop the application. The ionic framework is open source and free and developers love to work on it because it has the ability to reuse the code instead of writing it individually. Designers are also able to use the UI paradigm, thumbnails, tabs bars, navigators menu etc. Ionic being built on top of the technologies such as cordova and angular has huge and active community that enable developers to figure out the wrong things more easily.

AngularJs is also an open source framework maintained by google to overcome the challenges faced by the developers while testing the codes. AngulatJs works on the MVC framework which integrates HTML codes and applications forming a framework. It is basically used to build rich web and mobile applications.


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