Best Node.js Frameworks to Build Web APIs
May 02

Best Node.js Frameworks to Build Web APIs

NodeJs is an open source, cross platform runtime environment built on chrome’s VB Javascript engine. NodeJs is the most commonly used technology in web space. NodeJs is the lightweight, event driven, non blocking I/O platform. A lot of developers have adopting the features of frameworks of NodeJs.


ExpressJs was built in framework of NodeJs with a large community of frameworks, therefore it has the advantage of continuous updates and reforms of all the core features. It has the minimalist feature that is use to develop the best expressJs web or mobile application. Express Js is prebuilt Node Js framework that can help developers creating more flexible and simple. Express Js inherit the functionalities of NodeJs where it handles the large number of users using a web application. A simple PHP may collapse due to large number of users as it uses the server side programming codes to retrieve the data from server and give the simultaneous data to multi users. In addition to other facts Javascript also helps developers to synchronize the I/O intensive operations. It made coding in NodeJS a piece of cake and gave programmers some additional features to extend their server-side coding. ExpressJS is hands down the most famous NodeJS framework- so much so that when most people talk about NodeJS they surely mean NodeJS+ExpressJS. Server side Node Js and Express both are versions of same family in which express inherit the functionality of Node Js express Js do the same thing like bootstrap do for HTML/CSS. The major drawback for expressJs is that it doesn’t concern with code independence of expressJs.

To become a best NodeJs developer, one should have to know all the latest frameworks and must know the best suitable framework and choose the one among all the frameworks. There are many other frameworks also in nodeJs. :

It is used for building real time web applications. It is a Javascript library that allows the bidirectional data flow between the web client and server. Asynchronous data I/O, binary streaming, instant messaging are some of the most important features of this framework.

Koa.Js :

This framework is used to write applications using REST or SOAP APIs. It is an expressive middle for NodeJs that uses generators. This framework enables the users and developers to deliver the error and bug free solutions.

The bottom Line:

The technology is boomi0ng faster and it is necessary to choose the best suitable framework.Each and every framework on this list have different features and are suitable for different kind of applications. Node.js is influencing the development of advanced applications and this list gives you the comprehensive list of the most popular frameworks that are used by developers.



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