How to build a Simple CRUD Application with Express Js and MongoDB
Apr 19

How to build a Simple CRUD Application with Express Js and MongoDB

CRUD is the acronym for create, read, update and delete where create is related to make something new for the application in the express Js coding and mongo Database which is the place where data and information can be stored for web and mobile applications.

CRUD is a set of operations which help servers to execute codes in express and store the information in mongo database and the first step is to create new web or mobile application that is easy executable and work as a full set of instructions to add, read, change something and delete the created list or features into the web or application. The 4 operations in building applications make it easy for developers to do all the 4 operations on any applications. The different CRUD options to write applications in express and mongoDB are available in this blog to help developers to build the simple applications.

The Update operation is used when developers want to change something within the browser by putting the PUT request. The put request can be triggered through express or javascript.

Developers have to externally create the javascript to trigger the PUT request or they can trigger through <form> element. To execute the PUT request in modern browsers is to use FETCH.API which is supported in chrome, firefox and opera. To externally execute the PUT operation in javascript, developers have to create a button into the index.ejs file and this file is placed in folder to make it public.

Second method is to use the fetch API. It is only supported in firefox browser. The fetch has two parameters, the first parameter is a path where developers have to send the request which will be handled on the servers. The second parameter is an object which is an optional object that allows developers to control number of different settings and these are methods of header and body where header refers to the HTTP headers you want to send the server. It is an object with multiple key value pairs and the body refers to the content that developer wants to send the server.

In mongoDB collection type a method called findOneAndUpdate that allows us to change one item from the database. It takes in four parameters — query, update, options and a callback. The callback function allows developers to do something that mongoDB has replaced the final quote and can send the final result to the fetch request. Delete operation can only be triggered through DELETE request. DELETE is also triggered through the FETCH operation and developers can manage the operation on the server.


There are many ways to build the simple CRUD application in express and MongoDB, it is necessary to know the all the functions and methods of create, read, update and delete. All the requests and functions are triggered through the basic operation and all functions and operations are related to each other in some direct or indirect way. The express CRUD application is simply extended feature of express JS which enable developers to build the application more convenient for them. MongoDB CRUD application allow developers store information and data more easy and allow the data to alter whenever need.


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