Why choose a web development company instead of freelancer
Mar 20

Why choose a web development company instead of freelancer

A software web development company is a place for stop solution for all web and app development needs. These days internet has become the basic needs of users.  The website development product is all necessary needs for all type of businesses The web development by an authorised company is more reliable instead of freelancer who are freely selling their services because companies have authorization over selling services and having verified employees and users.

The freelancing web development and full time developers are needed by any business owners as well as it is important to take the decision to choose between the full time developers and freelancer is also a career path also. When you embark to enhance your career, it is important to choose the right path to decide which is better to be a free lancer or a full time developers, Each career has its own pros and cons.

A full time developer: Working as an employee is never overhead the load of suddenly breakage of income when client list become dry. As an employee you need not to worry about the client and project inclusion and need not to worry about how to add more and more projects and add more and more works. Your performance decides your success in the field of full time employee. In software companies there is always a separate team for business incomings. The developers only need to code for the required solutions.

Freelancer: On the other hand freelancing enable you to choose the work you wish to do according to your convenience. If the jobs pay rate is not suited to you, you can switch to another job. As a freelancer you must find the greater jobs from the variety of jobs. Many companies lack in hire web developers due to fund shortage, so they hire freelancers to complete small projects that work only on per project basis. Being a freelancer you need to be updated to the latest technologies and trends needed in developing website or applications. The load for stipulated time and budget quotation for the given project is the responsibility of the freelancer himself.

Difference between freelancers and full time developer’s jobs:

  • Freelancers are free from doing the jobs that are not suitable according to the budget.
  • Full time developers have to do the task whatever has given.
  • Freelancers have advantage to work from anywhere and whatever time have suited for them.
  • Full time developers have to work as an employee in a particular company.
  • Freelances are not free from the botheration of client handling
  • Full time developers have need not to worry about the client requirements.
  • Freelancers don’t have the fix salaries, it generally depends on the work and projects awarded.
  • Full time developers have fix salaries and their performance decides the more or less earnings.

When choosing between a company and freelancer there remain always a confusion between them. By choosing company there is always a authorized reliability for the product and client can give their feedback to the company, this add an another testimonial in the company testimonials. In company, a client can ask for the previous work samples on the other hand freelancer can be fake. So it is always a better option to hire web development company instead of free lancer, if you are in need of any web development.


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