Complete Mobile Application Design Development Process
Mar 23

Complete Mobile Application Design Development Process

In today’s paced world mobile marketing is expanding day by day. Everyone wants to make money by marketing their products and services. You should be very particular while selecting the developers who are going to build your mobile app solution. Here are some steps for the developers to find the total mobile app development process
• To develop an effective mobile application it is necessary to identify the problem which can be resolved by the application which cannot be possible by a web application and identify the purpose to build the mobile application.
• Second step is to identify the audiences who are going to use the application. Which generation is going to use the application is major step for the developers to identify first because by knowing the fact, designers and developers are able to decide the UI and colour schemes of the applications their usability in terms of understanding.
• Next step for Building a mobile application is to decide the features of the mobile application. This job is done by the business analysts in any company who gather the client’s requirements and prepare a feature list to forward further to the respected team who are ready to develop the application in a particular field like Android, IOS, or Windows.
• Mobile platforms and devices should be selected keeping in mind hardware performance, battery life, ruggedness and required peripherals. Certain factors that needs to be considered while selecting mobile platforms and devices includes coverage, device support, performance and other features.
• The next step in developing the mobile application is to gather the information about the technology needed in building the particular application. A wireframe is creating before forwarding the requirement to the designers.
• The production starts after the total analysis has been done and now designers start their work over there. They start design the front end design of the application by precisely keeping in mind the wireframe and feature list of the requirement. Designers should also keep in mind the latest trends of the designing that are bold and gradient colours, animated designs, three dimensional lay out and most importantly the exact requirement given by the client and also mentioned in the feature list too.
• Today, emphasis is on the User interface of an app as it plays a crucial role in the success of an app. Designing an app is becoming increasingly popular as it create an instant impact on the mind of the user while ensuring usability of an app.
• Approach is also an important step in building an application. Developers decide the development approach whether to develop the application in native or hybrid after designing is completed.
• After deciding the approach, a prototype is created that turn the idea of developers in an application.
• Now next step is to integrate suitable analytics tool to incorporate to analyse the type of users who are coming to view the application? from where users are coming? etc.
• Before deploy the application in market is to test the developed application before hand over it to the users. Testing can be done by two types:- Manual testing and automated testing.
• Last step is to deploy the application in market to hand it over to the users.
The bottom line in building a mobile application is to decide the audiences, deciding the technology, deciding the platform, deciding the designing trends and last but not least the testing of the product.


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