How to create Ultra fast Applications
Apr 27

How to create Ultra fast Applications

To create ultra fast application, developers prefer NodeJs frameworks for delivering the speedy web or mobile application. Server side node applications are fastest in terms of speed as it runs efficiently on the server side. While creating the PHP applications, the developers are more particular for checking the performance of the application but While creating the servers in node Js, which enable the developers to create speedy applications, developers require to request HTTP server like apache or Nginx Apache manages HTTP requests to connect to the server. Its role is more or less to manage the in/out traffic.

PHP runs the .php file code and sends the result to Apache, which then sends it to the visitor. PHP frameworks are the most fastest as they work on the server side application aspects which are more reliable and more efficient in terms of speed and flexibility.

NodeJs is really fast application builder as it could manage many requests simultaneously and can easily perform one action at a time and run on a single processor, It is due to the event-orientated nature of Node.js. Apps that use Node never sit around doing nothing. As soon as there is an action that takes a little too long, the program hands over to Node.js, which will carry out other actions while waiting for the event to happen to tell it that the operation is finished.

NodeJs creates a mini nodeJs web server which enables the ultra fast nodeJs web application and the HTTP variables represent the Javascript object that launch a web server by calling the createserver() function within the HTTP object and by saving this server in the server object. When a visitor visits the website the createserver() function is called to run the code on the server.


To create fastest web or mobile applications among frameworks, NodeJs is best preferred by developers as it is easy to maintain and flexible. When we talk about the fast running application, Node is best preferable as it also inherit its features to nodeJs as expressJs is a framework of NodeJs.


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