How to Design and Develop your News Application
Mar 28

How to Design and Develop your News Application

From design to development and deployment, News application must be very carefully build to attract the user’s attention as news apps are more prone to catch the user’s attention because in today’ fast and busy world want each news and updates on their fingertips. Online news and updates is the basic need of current users because in the techno savvy world there is nothing get offline and online experience is getting more efficient and frequent in the terms of usage. Here are some tips to how to design and develop the efficient and high quality news application that help in spread more news among more and more users.

  • Develop a Native Application: Depending upon the news application, it is a fundamental need now to develop the native application native web and mobile application in native technology. The best applications in the techno system have one thing in common i.e these are built in native technology. It provides in app navigation, support native gestures and have smart user interface.
  • Run your app instantly without installation: When you build a native app, you will able to run it instantly without user installation using android instant apps. Android instant apps enable users to install the app using URL. You will be able to extend your app instantly enable users to connect with your app more quickly.
  • Create a simple yet targeted user experience: An easy to use app brings more readers to attract towards the app more quickly. With the easy navigation, quick story section and current news update section enable user to explore more over the application and tend them to have interest in the news and feeds of the application. User can switch to the different sections according to their interest.
  • Use material design principle to create sense of familiarity: It is important to design the news application according to the user needs, what user experience and explore from other applications, they quickly attracted towards the app that is more familiar to the user. Using navigation, tabs, contents and bars should be arranged in the easy understandable manner and place contents in the navigation rows so that user can see the contents on one page and can also see the contents on the other page.
  • Make it easy for readers to share your content: Sharing feature in the app can enable you to add more users on your app. Share the contents with more and more users enable user to deeply explore the app and sharing the contents enable the can also increase the promotion of the app automatically.
  • Make some contents available offline: Newspapers, Magazine, and offline news contents are not easy to carry and hassle prone phenomenon to carry while travelling and also the internet coverage while travelling is not happen always, so some contents made available offline is also important and also app should have the feature read the content later or download the content into the device, developers should keep in mind.
  • Reengage your readers with rich notification: After installation there should be a popup to enable a popup to get notification about the latest news and updates in future. Engage readers in notification enable them to open the app more and more times.
  • Optimize your app with tablets: Tablets’ user interface is more prone to extendable quality to increase the responsiveness of the application for the tablets, so you should keep in mind the user interface should also for the tablets.
  • Request readers permission at runtime: When users are installing the application, make permission status available while runtime that helps readers to understand better why the permission is required for example if the app have the functionality to grab the news about the particular location, then ask the user for access the device location, for example when app is enabling the traffic news then it is necessary to access the device location.
  • Onboard your readers effectively: While building the application a tutorial and help section on how to use the application enable the users engage more on apps.


The bottom line is that while designing and development of the news application, Designers should keep in mind the gestures and attractive colours should match the designing issues and developers should keep in mind the readers requirements and the possible ways in which they can attract more and more users towards the app.


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