What is Express Js and node Js? A Server Side JavaScript Framework
Apr 16

What is Express Js and node Js? A Server Side JavaScript Framework

Express is a popular framework written in javascript and hosted within the Node Js runtime environment. Before understand the modules and full functionality and coding language of the framework, one should understand what server side web programming and web frameworks. Websites that deliver customized information in response to HTTP requests. The modules provide vital information to the server. Many websites provide server side technology to dynamically display different type of data. The modules help in providing information from server side in generic view.

A server side javascript is necessary for many types of applications and websites which are required to retrieve data from database, checking user permission and login users in etc. These servers are designed using these frameworks and also make the operations of these servers easy.

Creating a client side web doesn’t need much knowledge of coding but a little knowledge of programming helps developers work better in creating client side web. A web server is a hardware that stores web components files and also stores the web server software like HTML documents, images and javascript files.

The first step for server side web programming is to know the suitable programming framework and programming language. In this article we are providing you the knowledge about Node/Express JS and how they work for server side programming. Node Js is a powerful in terms of performance and flexibility. It made server side JS coding possible not only but also express and node Js API libraries are overtaking all other APIs

Express Js is prebuilt Node Js framework that can help developers creating more flexible and simple. Express Js inherit the functionalities of NodeJs where it handles the large number of users using a web application. A simple PHP may collapse due to large number of users as it uses the server side programming codes to retrieve the data from server and give the simultaneous data to multi users. In addition to other facts Javascript also helps developers to synchronize the I/O intensive operations. It made coding in NodeJS a piece of cake and gave programmers some additional features to extend their server-side coding. ExpressJS is hands down the most famous NodeJS framework- so much so that when most people talk about NodeJS they surely mean NodeJS+ExpressJS. Server side Node Js and Express both are versions of same family in which express inherit the functionality of Node Js express Js do the same thing like bootstrap do for HTML/CSS.


For coding server side web application Node and express are the latest and most efficient in today’s technological environment It is an open source engine that takes JS code and compiles it too much faster machine code this is what makes Node.js so fast and the same speed functionality is inherited by Express Js. Developers are preferring Node and Express Js more because of its speed and flexibility functionality.

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