Why Hybrid Mobile Apps are Overtaking Native
Apr 04

Why Hybrid Mobile Apps are Overtaking Native

As not most web and mobile applications need graphics or 3D animations but only simple read, write, create, update, delete functions, in this case where no heavy performance and no game development needed, then Hybrid is better than native app development. Native are useful where there are many complex design structures i.e 3D animations, graphics or creating any game then choosing the native is the best option.

The most important advantage to build any application in hybrid is that it is applicable for all major platforms i.e IOS or Android using a single codebase, javascript, HTML, CSS.  The hybrid approach to app development largely incorporates on modern day smart phones with latest processors and by using modern devices and writing clean, efficient code, users today would be hard pressed to differentiate between hybrid and native coded apps.

Hybrid coded applications uses javascript libraries that allows access to all device functionalities and a hybrid coded application can take the advantage of functionalities of applications that are coded in native technology. Hybrid app development technology saves the time of the developer as it cut offs the time for building the applications on both the platforms. If the app has to be build only in one platform, hybrid app development is best choice for building the application to save the time by using the built in functions and components written in HTML and JS.

Choosing hybrid technology is best when user is in need to develop the application with minimum functionalities and minimum viable product approach and the app which should have to look good with only some good looks and UI/UX.


For mobile app development needs user needs to choose a affiliated company. The thing is that whatever company user choose, It is the clear responsibility developer to choose the technology from hybrid and native. The majority of apps are developed natively because maximum apps don’t need much functionality and more design issues and animation. Unlike web apps that are written in javascript, native apps are written in swift or objective c++ and these are used to write native IOS and java is used to write android apps and c# is for most parts of windows apps.


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