Mobile App Development: Flutter setting a new trend in 2020
Sep 07

Mobile App Development: Flutter setting a new trend in 2020

This is 2020 and the development trends are inclusive of an environment where web, desktop and mobile app development is preferred from a single code base.

Due to professional features and a diverse range of benefits Flutter is a relatively new platform. It manages to make a strong position as it is backed by Google for global dominance. Have a look to the below information to know more about “FLUTTER”-

What is Flutter?

Google offers Flutter, an open-source platform to use one codebase for developing native iOS and Android apps. Instead of being a module, it’s a complete Software Development Kit (SDK) that incorporates all you require for mobile app development across platforms. It incorporates command-line tools, engine rendering, APIs for testing and integration, and readymade widgets.

Basically, Flutter follows a reactive development architecture, where the UI contents are adjusted automatically when the variables are modified. React Native adopted this concept, but it needs a JavaScript bridge for controlling OEM widgets. This can lead to performance issues, which Flutter reduces by erasing this bridge fully and combining it with the app.

This is an object-oriented language that can be utilized for compiling into native code with no requirement of extra bridges. This helps accelerate an app’s start-up time to a great extent.


Here are a few exciting features of Flutter:

  • Flutter features a hot reload, a strong tool that helps you get numerous widgets and enables you to function in a dynamic interface.
  • Its framework is highly flexible as it provides a widgets’ library for app builders to use.
  • It has the RAM code that makes it perfect for tech firms and start-ups.
  • It has a great GPU rendering UI that is highly necessitous when it comes to developing mobile applications enriched with graphic designs.
  • It allows developers to build applications for the main platforms like iOS and Android, using just one codebase.
  • It features a command named Flutter Doctor that enables you to address bugs fast so the developers can troubleshoot them ASAP.


Major reasons that make flutter a real deal

Want to know what makes flutter a flexible and suitable framework with a seamless experience, check below:

1. Impressive and Customized Designs

Flutter helps you make simple widgets or tailor the already present widgets as parts of the app design and building procedures. Thereby, developers can build robust apps with lesser effort.

2. Perfect for MVP

Whether you are a growing agency that requires an MVP or only requires one for displaying it to potential investors, you can rely on flutter as a framework. This goes after the MVP strategy that needs limited time and effort and nominal cost for flutter app development.

3. Has Google as Its Backbone

Flutter is an incredible SDK of Google for making detailed native compiled apps that work for desktop, web, and mobile technologies from a single codebase.

Google has ensured to provide an improved UX through Flutter. Also, Google has ensured to build a technology that would be happily accepted by both organizations and developers alike.

4. Single Codebase for All Platforms

Being a cross-platform tool, flutter SDK enables developers to create apps for the web, mobile, and desktop with a single codebase. The technology executes all by itself supporting both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

5. Similar UI and Business Strategy across All Platforms

Flutter has common UI patterns derived out to reusable widgets. It reduces the requirement for setting UI properties like styling, colors, etc. individually. The UI and business logic can be modified worldwide through editing the code for both Android and iOS flutter apps.

6. Needs Less Testing

Developers need lesser testing for using flutter for mobile app development. This is because they just need to write automatic tests once since there is a single codebase only. Since the testing becomes quicker, the time for marketing goes down automatically.

7. Quicker Applications

Apps based on flutter SDK excel in functionality. They work with seamlessness and great speed, without hanging amid cutting and scrolling.

8. Saves Lots of Time

Flutter eliminates the deployment time drastically. You can execute all the changes immediately without losing your existing app. Also, you can develop UI, troubleshoot bugs, and add features without compromising on speed and creation of the application.

9. Similar to Native App Functionality

Flutter applications are written in Dart language that reduces JavaScript Bridge and is compiled with native machine code. This enables compiling and launching app much quicker than you could do it with React Native, for instance.

10. Hot Reloading for Developer-Designer Collaboration

Flutter’s hot reloading feature is highly advantageous for both developers and designers. As early as the developer needs a few changes on UI, the designer does them and both of them can instantly see those modifications amid app development.

11. High App Responsiveness

You can run flutter apps on any existing platform performing well without any changes to Dart code and maintenance of great designs on the platforms. Flutter app development has already advanced from mobile and brought new chances for desktop and web that are now in active use.

12. Backed by VS Code and Android Studio

You can find Flutter on several IDEs. 2 major code editors are VS Code and Android Studio. You can download dart plug-in and flutter to start in integration. VS Code is a lightweight tool in which you can configure everything through a plug-in from the marketplace.

13. Transparent Documentation

Flutter’s transparent and clear documentation makes it a suitable option among the extensive cross-platform developers’ community. Flutter is elegant and smart and doesn’t need additional efforts for language that flutter developers learn.

14. Widget Fabrication

To make a user experience, the flutter app combines to create online transformation and experiences for the users. Users also make widgets as per their requirements and it will save for the future also.

Wrapping Up

Google’s Flutter is basically a game-changer in the cross-platform development world.

It has a lot of potential for companies that work on different platforms with a quick turnaround and go-to-market aspects.

Flutter is the perfect choice for your business if you are looking forward to targeting potential customers on both platforms.

The cost-effective Flutter feature helps it in making it a reliable choice. Companies having budget constraints can certainly look ahead to grow with this platform in order to conquer the needs of the future market. 

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