New Features In PHP Development That You Should Look At
Jan 29

New Features In PHP Development That You Should Look At

At present PHP is considered be among the most widely used programming language when it comes to web development. With the latest release of PHP7, the whole PHP community was excited as it was among the biggest release made for PHP in recent years. It certainly added more features and versatility to this great programming language.

PHP 7 emerged as one of the preferred programming languages among web developers. It is due to its inherent advanced features and improved functionalities. It has made PHP application development more robust and effective. You might be wondering what new thing is added in PHP in its latest release. So, we give you an idea about its phenomenal features. We have compiled a list of its top features that are introduced in this recent release.

1. The first and foremost feature have been regarding speed. The PHP developers have done a great job in this regard. Now the PHP code cases utilizes even less memory and also provides better performance than it used to provide. After is the recent release, the internet had overloaded with various benchmarks which were quite promising. It led to an increased in-server time of response with PHP’s latest release.

2. Another key feature is regarding Type declaration. In the past, the type declaration has to specify the variable type. PHP now sets it automatically as PHP remains to be a language which is weakly typed. PHP doesn’t require to declare the type of data. Due to this, you can achieve radical things with different variables. It includes things like the addition of String and Float without any possibility of an error. Type declaration allows you to get better-expected results. Since only a few procedures can occur, it makes the code quite easy to understand.
PHP’s newest release added Scalar type declaration when it comes to int, string, float, and Boolean. It also enabled strict requirements. This makes sure that PHP programs which are well-documented and more correct can be written. It also provides the developers to gain more control over the code. This also makes the code quite easy to read.

By default, these different declarations are now non-strict. This essentially means that the forging of type is now possible. Let’s say you pass a string which starts with a number into a float type function. It grabs the given number just from the start and then skips rest. For passing a float into a function which requires an int, that float then becomes int.

Newest PHP release also supports Return Type Declaration. It provides support a return to the same kind of type arguments. By the addition of return type, it makes sure that expected value type is returned only.
The inherent benefits of these new implementations made in Type Declaration assist in making the code quite easy to read. With this release, you are offered with versatile methods of type declaration. This makes thing easier for developers as well as PHP web development services.

3. The next feature that grabbed the attention is newly added techniques for Error Handling. They are now implemented in PHP. When it came to the handling of a fatal error, it used to be quite difficult with PHP’s previous versions. In case a fatal error occurred, it would stop the script. It
wouldn’t invoke the error handler. When it comes to the production server, it returns the user a blank white screen. This causes a drop in the credibility of the developer.
PHP now allows an exception which is thrown in case an error occurs. Now, it avoids stopping of the whole script. However, it doesn’t mean that Fatal errors are no longer there in PHP. They are still there. This means that in case there is an uncaught exception then there will be a fatal error. Another thing that we would like to highlight that different types of errors such as notices and warnings have remained unchanged. In case of fatal as well as recoverable errors only, the exceptions are thrown.

4. Next feature that we would like to mention is the introduction of new operators. We will discuss few of them here.
The first one is Random Bytes. In case of random-bytes, the developer can only provide a single argument which is the random string’s length which will be returned in bytes. In case of an integer or a random number, the developer should utilize the random int function.
The next one which we would like to highlight is Random Integers. This particular function obtains secure random integers. While using this operator, you provide two arguments which are min and max. This provides the minimum as well as maximum numbers related to the random integer.

PHP has undergone a plethora of changes and developed as a robust and versatile programming language. With its improved features as well as functionalities, it offers a variety of opportunities to the developers. To create a great product, it is better to hire PHP developer who has in-depth knowledge of these features. However, some of the old features are removed in the newer version of PHP.

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