Server side web Development with NodeJS Express and MongoDB
May 10

Server side web Development with NodeJS Express and MongoDB

Node Js is a rapidly growing web server technology that uses Javascript on its server. Today NodeJs is a part of most of the modern web applications. Server side javascript with Nodejs code makes web applications lightweight and efficient.

NodeJs has its own package manager to manage the NPM controller. For back end and front end server side coding NodeJs is relevant to both for developers. NodeJs is perfectly added to the web development skill sets.

MongoDB provides the persistence for user’s application data and is an open source which has document scalability and developer agility. MongoDB enables the class documents which have rich functionality. MongoDB stores the data in JSON documents in collection of dynamic schemas instead of collecting data in rows and columns. It is responsible to store data in any of the structure schema. MongoDB is an asynchronous, event driven engine where the application makes a request and then continues working on other useful tasks. MongoDB has working technology with the JQuery assistance. This enables large number of operations to be performed in parallel. It is also designed to be used asynchronously to work with the NodeJs applications.


The mongoDB NodeJs driver provides a javascript API which implements the network protocol required to read and write from a local or remote database server. Server side javascript is responsible for the server coding that enables the developers to code faster and efficiently.



To build the server side web application, it is efficient to use expressJs, NodeJs with mongoDB database because these technologies are designed according to the latest and modern technology and it is the database to store the information and data with the relational database and other Express frameworks.

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