SOAP REST ODataWeb Services Standards
May 15

SOAP REST ODataWeb Services Standards

One of the most common issues related to web communication is mismatch in the data received and sent to and fro to client and server. Every preparatory system is free to use all the rules which are necessary to build any solution. The open data protocol is based on ATOMPUB and REST API. It has most of the REST specifics and more than ATOMPUBs. Atompub provides a way of getting, updating and deleting records from a model. The typed and untyped entities are defined by the atompub. It provides many built in query facility for developers to add the query language in the database.

This article defines the standard way of communication to a web service. It is also worth to add Odata with the REST and SOAP API. Odata is a protocol based on HTTP, Atompub and JSON, RESTFUL by design, Microsoft implementation, open source and used in the latest Microsoft service-oriented technologies. As Odata is based on atompub and REST, so it manages all the SQL queries like SQL works in relational database. These service standards make development process faster with the help of frameworks. SOAP is also a web service which defines a standard for creating web service and solutions. The standard SOAP message itself consists of an envelope, inside of which are the SOAP headers and body.

The representational state transfer protocol is another architectural pattern, in short it can be called as an alternative to SOAP API. The web access phenomenon is prepared by these protocols and well managed by these protocol stacks. Unlike SOAP, RESTFUL


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