Top JavaScript Hybrid Mobile Application Frameworks
Apr 02

Top JavaScript Hybrid Mobile Application Frameworks

Hybrid mobile applications outperform the all other application because web and mobile applications performed in it are developed that fulfilled all the guidelines that should be must for high quality solutions. Today developers prefer writing code in hybrid technology as it allows them to write code once and run that code in main platform without any extra effort and allows application to run on multiple platforms. It enables applications to run on android, IOS and windows and other desktop web applications also in multiple in different operating systems.
Here are top 10 hybrid mobile application frameworks which are suitable for developers to enable them easy coding as well as easy understanding for users too.
• Phone Gap: Is the open source cordova apache framework. It is the most common and popular framework that allows developers to reuse existing web development skills into hybrid applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Cordova apache is developed to overcome the limitations of older versions that didn’t support in mobile devices. This framework allows developers to add more functionality and these functions can be called from javascript.
• Xamarin: It is the top hybrid application development framework which saves the developer’s time by reutilizing the abilities, tools, and the code. It is the Microsoft tool that can develop applications in all platforms like Android, IOS and windows in almost all popular operating systems like windows and linux.
• Ionic : Ionic framework is also open source free framework that have many native device features like Bluetooth, health kit, finger print auth, and more with cordova phonegap plugins and typescript etc.
• Framework7: It is free and open source mobile HTML framework used to develop hybrid mobile applications in platforms like android and IOS. It is used to create IOS and Android apps with HTML, CSS, Javascript with full clarity.
• Onsen UI : It is an open source framework under apache licence. Onsen UI features a large number of ready to use components. Developer can switch among the frameworks like angular, angular 2, Vue Js, React, meteor or javascript to create hybrid mobile applications.
• Kendo UI : It is a HTML5 framework for creating cross platform mobile app development solutions. It relies JQuery to use JQuery codes and features. It has some limited terms and conditions to use but has free and open source features.
• Mobile Angular UI : It is hybrid mobile framework used by bootstrap and angular with mobile angular UI. Developer enjoy the both bootstrap and angular functionality and most importantly without the dependencies on bootstrap libraries and JQuery.
• Titanium appcelerator: Titanium has mixed development environment of phonegap and xamarin. It also enable developers to code in javascript with the use of custom XML and appcelerator API.
• Intel XDL : This framework which is a complete range of tools that support development, emulation, testing, debugging and publishing. This framework has been made with some big changes by supporting all the capabilities of mobile HTML5 apps and allows developers to build the hybrid application for cross platform for each and every platform and stores as well.
• Sencha Touch : It is a cross platform framework for creating end to end mobile web applications with HTML and Javascript. It provides high performance hybrid app with near native experience with high cost due to its most popular and high quality framework.


For creating a mobile application, choosing the hybrid model can save the developer’s time and effort and they can reuse the code for creating a web application version too. Of course, the hybrid model is not the perfect solution for all problems, but hybrid apps are a good choice for deploying mobile app faster and for creating prototype applications, for example. These frameworks can surely provide you a user experience very close to a native application.


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