How to use Node.js & Express.js Framework to save data to MongoDB Database
Apr 25

How to use Node.js & Express.js Framework to save data to MongoDB Database

The development frameworks are used to describe development using mongoDB. ExpressJs and NodeJs development frameworks use the mongo database to store the information and data. In this article we will discuss the methods and steps to store express and node data into the mongoDB database and also allow to show the data that have been entered into the database.

For creating any express or node application first it is necessary to store the information in database. The CRUD application is the main stream one method to create the express application. CRUD application is a new phenomenon to store data into the database and creating a new application using create feature and persist the data into the database and then reading the data from the database.

To integrate API, a restful API is used as an application program interface that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data. A RESTFUL API is used to add data into the mongoDB and read it from the database.

For creating the node application, developers have to create a directory called node-demo and then change it into the directory. The first step is to create code for the NodeJs server. Creating NodeJs application server and client server is possible by writing a simple NodeJs code. NodeJs application code just require the expressJs code, by calling the expressJs code, application is created just by calling the NodeJs code. Coding enable the developers to save the data to the database instead of showing it in front end. Developers write the code in the way that users will be able to enter the data in front end and save it into the back end in mongoDB. It only required to create a basic HTML file.

In index.html file developers have to create an input filed where users can input data that they want to have stored in the database. they also need a button for users to click on that will add the data to the database.


To add the database with the application front end, MongoDB is the best suitable database for connecting the application with the database. Developers need to connect to the database in  app.js file. MongoDB, by default, runs on port 27017. developers connect to the database by telling it the location of the database and the name of the database. To save the data into the database, we need to create a new instance of our model that we created early. We will pass into this instance the user’s input. Once we have it then we just need to enter the command “save”.


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